After a few bad experiences with ineffective and costly "treatments" it's good to finaly get a professional pest controller, who not only got rid of the problem, he was competent and friendly in his appearance and work ethic... my faith is restored ty
Just want to say a big thank you for helping me eliminate a mouse problem in my home. My daughter heard noises in her room. I didn't but i called pestguard out and they had a good luck around my my loft. Noticed some droppings and did the necessary things to catch the little buggers, I didn't want poison so we used traps slightly more in price but we'll worth it. We can now say after 3 weeks we are finally rid thank god. My daughter is now sleeping back in her room and the house and my wife are now happy. Thank you pestguard
Iain came round within a few hours of our call. Highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable, his calm and confident manner gave us the reassurance to engage him to sort out our family of squirrels in the attic. He was extremely thorough in checking out the loft and used a flexible extending remote camera to inspect every cavity before advising on his findings. We'll worth the expense of the first visit. Traps were laid and these caught two within 24 hours, which were removed on his first "check traps" visit. He claimed to have seen a third squirrel lose in the attic and spent quite some time attempting to catch/kill it to no avail (so it wasn't a quick look and I'll see you tomorrow for another day's fee). The traps were reset and 2 more squirrels were caught again within 24 hours proving he really had seen another squirrel. It is clear not only does he know what he is doing (unlike one company who gave totally the wrong advice over the phone) he is also totally honest, and has all of the equipment needed to complete the task properly (he explained other methods he could adopt if the initial traps didn't work). We would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone and would certainly use him again.
I own and run a chain of fast food outlets in and around Macclesfield. We called Pest Guard North west in after We noticed our regular pest control company were letting things slide and they then upped their prices. It's hard to make a change when your so used to using one company, but to be honest we've never looked back, Pest Guard have pointed out things which should have been pulled up in the inspections months ago. Goes to show when you rely on a regular pest control company you get complacent. We've now handed the batton over to Pest Guard and they now service and pest manage all of out takeaways. Great bunch of guys/girls would recommend.
I Work and manage a care home, called a few pest control companies 22nd December everyone was closed for the Christmas period, rang Pestguard northwest and they like us were open. Didn't understand how other companies thought pests also leave for the festive season. Pest guard north west, dud a lovely job and with a stroke of luck have secured a contract with us for being open. Brilliant service good knowledge of our pest. Thanks. Would recommend these guys.
I tried ringing several Pest control companies on boxing day but to no avail, this company didn't have any reviews but I gave them a call. Glad I did to be honest, Girl came out and talked me through what was going to be done and how she was going to approach the situation. Traps were set and about 16ish I called them to say we may have caught something, a guy came out this time very pleasant and removed our issue. I was very pleased with both of the services these guys did and wouldn't hesitate in a flash to pass their details on to friends and family. God bless you merry Christmas and thanks.
Getting the beer garden ready for winter noticed a hole by some electrical wires leading into cellar of the pub I manage, Pestguard NorthWest was recommended by my wife as she had them in her work in the summer sorting out a wasp and ant problem. Pestguard came out and sorted the issue out, he also noticed a mole hill at the bottom end of the beer garden and quickly resolved that issue also. Nice friendly guy, knew his stuff and had all the right gadgets and equipment to complete the tasks. I would recommend to my friends and family
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