Know what your dealing with.
March 30, 2018

This is two very different rat jobs both getting entering the properties, but finding completely  different entry points.




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  1. Mrs S W Johns says:

    Our daughter rang Pest Guard, Iain Watson, and reported that we thought we had rats in our back garden. Iain rang the house and said that he would call round later in the afternoon to check out our problem. As he entered the rear of our property he actually saw a rat in our garden border. He immediately returned to his van, unlocked a cabinet and retrieved an air gun which he used to dispose of the rat quickly, cleanly and humanely. He removed it from our premises and then gave us advise concerning moving the bird feeding stations which he felt were attracting the rats.

    A neighbour keeps chickens in their garden which adjoins ours;Iain felt that this may have been what had originally attracted the rats to the garden and the bird feeding stations were easy food. He left traps, told us how to deal with them and suggested moving the bird feeding stations away from the borders.

    I can confidently say that the whole matter was dealt with by a professional in a quick and efficient way. This very caring man was able to reassure us and give sound advice how to proceed. In all, a great service which I could recommend to anybody with similar problems.

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